The Medic Ilya Naishuller's short for the Saatchi and Saatchi's 25x25 one-minute shorts collection.
Hardcore Henry A fantastic action movie, shot entirely from the first person. Supervising & VFX Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan The film tells about the early childhood of Genghis Khan, who was a slave before conquering half the world. VFX Target In 2020, a group of wealthy Muscovites traveling to a complex of abandoned astrophysics, where rumors say they have enough power to stop the aging process. Supervising & VFX Playing the Victim A young man is arranged to work in the police, where he depicts victims of crimes. Supervising & VFX Pepel One fateful day, Igor Petrov, the commander of a Red Army unit, is compelled to exchange ID papers with a thief known as Ash. VFX & CGI Vangeliya The film tells about Vanga - the famous Bulgarian healer and fortuneteller. Production & VFX Interceptor He lives in one world, but sees another in his dream. VFX Silent Partner Gordon Patrick (Nick Moran), a young CIA analyst is assigned to investigate the mysterious death of a major Russian political figure. Supervising, VFX & CGI Zombie Fever First russian film about zombie apocalypse. Production, Video editing, VFX, Color correction, Postscoring Wolfhound Doomed to die, he managed to survive, and now his mission is to avenge the annihilation of his tribe. VFX & CGI KGB v smokinge Moscow, late 1977. The journalist of the Komsomol publication Valentina Maltseva only once, and then for the sake of her profession, called herself Andropov's man. Supervising, VFX & CGI Moscow Greyhound Major Alevtina Borzova, an experienced criminal investigator and very attractive woman. Supervising, VFX & CGI Blindazh July 1941. Fierce fighting takes place near the Belarusian village of Lubashi. Many residents manage to hide in the woods, but some find themselves right in the middle of a heated battle. VFX & CGI That still Karlosson! The character of Michael Galustyan that is called Carloson as he looks much like him, lives in a wonderful and bright world of metrics plump big-eared short men. VFX & CGI The Money Based on true story of the most famous Soviet counterfeiter. VFX & CGI Boets Maxim Paladin is a marine. He was badly wounded, but managed to climb out of that world to stay with his beloved. Supervising, VFX & CGI\ Bliznetsy The indomitable Fatima borrows through the cities of Central Asia and Russia, committing one crime after another. Investigator Pyotr Erozhin gets in her way, not knowing yet how this investigation will be closely intertwined with his own fate.
It's Just the Beginning Maria lives a quiet, modest life in a small town. One day an unexpected happiness breaks her dull routine. VFX & CGI Den D A Russian remake of the '80s cult classic "Commando". Supervising, VFX & CGI A Beautiful Life Beautiful student Irina is in love and happy. Her loved one Yura is also crazy about the girl, and their relationship goes to the wedding. VFX & CGI A riddle for Vera Vera lives in a dormitory and makes her living by walking other people's dogs. Thanks to the help of her enterprising friend Olga, Vera finally gets a separate studio apartment.

Nina Nina, a well-known model and model who is passionate about her profession, is a loving mother and a faithful wife. Supervising, VFX & CGI My s dedushkoy A city boy is sent to live with his grandpa in the countryside. VFX & CGI Odinokiy volk "It is difficult to live with a person who has an extremely complex character, whom no one can break and infringe, who under no pretext does not go even to small concessions. Supervising, VFX & CGI Small-Time Traders It's a story about strong women of the mid 1990s in post-soviet Russia. About the women who had to carry on their shoulders all the hardships of providing for families during the period of «original accumulation of capital». VFX & CGI Podari mne zhizn Kostya and Olya once loved each other, then broke up and each began their own life: Olya had Renat and Kostya had Rita. But there is also Kostya and Olya's son, little Anton with a severe blood disorder. Supervising, VFX & CGI Kletka Nastya is about thirty and madly in love with her family. All her orphanage dreams have come true - she now has family, friends, and an interesting job near her. But one day... Supervising, VFX & CGI Next Lavr is a thief in law, an authority on "old concepts," the king of the underworld. He cannot have a family and children. Supervising, VFX & CGI Delo sledovatelya Nikitina The story is set in Moscow in 1935-1936. Three young investigators work at the Moscow Prosecutor's Office. Supervising, VFX & CGI Lednikov The protagonist of the series is a formerly brilliant prosecutor's office investigator. Having survived a severe psychological trauma, he works as a crime reporter. Supervising, VFX & CGI The Cycle Varvara, a young practicing cardiologist at his uncle's clinic, is getting married to her colleague Rodion. But on the wedding day, something goes wrong.
Egorushka Fellow veterans Pyotr Ilyich Efimov and Andrei Ivanovich Karasev took part in the battle for Moscow in 1941. They are long retired, but full of fighting spirit and ready to fight the enemy to the last drop of blood. Supervising, VFX & CGI Next 2 Criminal authority figure Lavr has finally retired from business and lives a completely peaceful life. But he again faces a choice - either to continue a peaceful existence, or to remember his "authoritative" profession. Supervising, VFX & CGI Next 3 All the main characters of the first two "Nexts" are involved in the continuation of the series. Lavr (to the horror of the faithful Sancho) will resign his deputy's powers and begin an uncompromising struggle with his single life. Supervising, VFX & CGI


Aleksandr Gornovskiy


July 1941. Fierce fighting takes place near the Belarusian village of Lubashi. Many residents manage to hide in the woods, but some find themselves right in the middle of a heated battle. Unable to hold back the German onslaught, the Soviet army quickly gives up its positions, and the front moves further east.
Blinded by the explosion, Captain Khlebnikov wakes up in a trench dugout. Understanding that he has no chance to leave, he tries to shoot himself, but is found by Serafima, who was left in the village. She decides to help the wounded soldier.
Soon Khlebnikov's company is joined by the German deserter Holtz, the District Committee member Demidovich, and Nohim, who miraculously survived the mass shooting of Jews. All members of the unusual company do not get along well with each other, but realizing that their caution determines the life of Serafima, who, at the risk of her life, provides them with everything they need, they try to live in peace.